Dunatos Private School

–  Physical training as part of their curriculum as prescribed by the WCED takes place.    –  Instruction done by an appointed teacher.
–  No professional sport due to:
       ○ Spending more time for curriculum
       ○ Too few children in an age group to form a team
         ○ Transport problems after school.
–  Physical training as part of their curriculum during school hours, instructed by an           appointed teacher and with the main goal:
       ○ To develop and improve gross motor skills
       ○ To develop sportsmanship
       ○ To develop social skills
       ○ To develop the skill of teamwork
–  Soccer and Netball – plays a match against Paarl School
–  Atletics
o  During school hours
o  Included in school       fees
– Karate classes – Private coach
– Drama classes – Private coach
– Mini Rugby – Private coach
– Mini Cricket – Private coach
– Modelling classes – Private model
– Mini Gymnastics – Private coach

– Music lessons

o  After school hours
o  Extra fees